Arenas Argentinas del Parana invested in state of the art technology for processing sands to the proper products with a minimum of energy consumption and the preservation of clean air to the environment. The safety and health from our employees as well as the community and the environment are very important to us. Our activities create opportunities for people and local economies.  Sustainable and responsible management are key to our company which we spread worldwide.

In our mining process, natural sedimentation of sand particles in the river is carefully dredged in layers with a minimum of environmental impact. Next to that our process includes zero dust emissions to the environment compared to land mines.

The footprint of our process installation is optimized to the absolute minimum having minor impact to the environment and so a minor surface disturbance. In our process no water is needed, meaning zero waste water production, and minimum of fresh water consumption. During project planning and dredging operations, the hot spots with the highest yields are selected and so a minimum of “waste” is being produced.  The unusable fractions that are generated by the process can perfectly be used in the construction or other industrial activities, meaning actually zero waste production.

Vision and mission

Quality, Safety, Health and Environment come first. Attention is focussed on the health and safety of all workers of Jan De Nul Group, its subsidiaries and other implied parties. The impact on the environment is closely monitored and reduced to a minimum by offering solutions according to the BATNEEC-principle, the best available and economically viable technique.

For all our projects, we make up a Quality, Safety and Environment Plan, based on the specific client requirements and on the company standards for good workmanship, and taking into consideration the applicable law and regulations, directives and standards within the industry. Our suppliers and subcontractors have to meet the same requirements.

We achieve our goal by combining a qualitative project management with a qualitative, safe, sound and environmental-friendly working environment. These working conditions lead to a voluntary, ecological and creative contribution, and a great job satisfaction of our workers.

Quality, safety, health, environment and welfare on the floor are our first priority. Our continuous efforts for optimization contribute to a sustainable management within Jan De Nul Group.

Thanks to its passionate workforce and to the continuous efforts, Arenas Argentinas del Parana executes its activities in line with the management system of Jan De Nul Group which is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.